Sitka posting May 14, Tish

Today was Volunteer Appreciation Day at the Sitka Center. We had been asked to play for the volunteers so we put together a show-and-tell with Renaissance and baroque recorders, my slide flute, and a little douçaine demo. We played an antiphon by Hildegarde von Bingen,  a new duo by Frances with harmonies based on Schubert’s Gretchen am Spinnrade,  a Telemann duo, and a new solo for the slide flute by Frances which I played, called Phantom Sun. The volunteers were a great audience, and had lots of questions about the music and the instruments.

This morning I took a painting class with the resident painter, Bill Parks.  I hadn’t painted since high school art class and I loved it. Bill preaches the no rules school of painting – just get some paint on your brush and paint! It was a wonderful experience. Frances went on a bird walk down at Knight Park with local Audobon Society folks.

We’re in our last week here. It’s been such an incredible experience.  Our task on returning home will be to keep the time in our day for practicing and composing.  For me, that means no email or other admin. work before noon.

Bill Parks teaching the painting class this morning

Cascade Head trail -one of the woodsy sections

Last Tuesday we hiked to the top of Cascade Head with our friend Jane. It was one of the few sunny days we’ve had here. We had a picnic when we reached the top. What a great hike!

view of the estuary from the top of Cascade Head

Birding break at Crowley Creek near Knight Park

outside of Tish's studio - Edelman studio

Frances at work

picnic on top of Cascade Head