Tibia Recorder Duo is Letitia Berlin and Frances Blaker. Tish and Frances operate from their home base in Albany, California, where they work as free-lance recorder players and teachers when they are not traveling around the world with their recorders. Tibia Adventures in Music takes recorder players to locations such as Brittany, Wales, Italy, Denmark, Scotland and the United States to play, study, and be immersed in the culture of beautiful places steeped in musical traditions. Singers and other instrumentalists are invited along when Shira Kammen joins Tibia. Download the brochure and application for the next TAM workshop below, as well as the Berlin/Blaker recorder self-rating chart.

Tish and Frances are members of other groups as well: the Farallon Recorder Quartet, Ensemble Vermillian, the Bertamo Trio, and Calextone. Tish and Frances teach regularly at workshops including the Amherst Early Music Festival, Winds and Waves Recorder Workshop, Texas Toot, and the Early Music Road Scholar program in Carmel Valley, CA.

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Our book of Etudes has been published by Lost in Time Press! Go to their website here to order it.

Tibia Duo is a fiscally-sponsored affiliate of InterMusic SF, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to small-ensemble music in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Have you seen Tish’s recorders? Left behind in a NYC Yello taxi on June 29, 2017 – a Martin Wenner plum wood alto @A=440, and a Jan Hermans Ganassi soprano @A=415, both in a green Cavallaro case. Please contact Tish through our contact page if you hear of anyone finding or trying to sell these recorders. Thanks!!!

Hermans Ganassi soprano and Wenner Baroque alto recorder